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Pocahontas Trails members and friends were hard at work in 2014 cleaning trails throughout Pocahontas County. With over 1500 hours logged our primary focus was clearing downfall, trimming back trail corridors and cleaning up some minor drainage issues. By coordinating our work with the local NFS we were able to ensure that the trails were in better condition than in previous years.

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poca-trails Lower Beaverdam Trail Work - Add Lower Beaver Dam to the list of trails that are good to go. fixed some drainage (water under the bridge, not over), cleared a bunch of logs, put a bridge back in place, picked up 10,000 (well maybe a few less than that) sticks and spoke killers. Be careful on a couple of the […]
10409312_10204596425485344_3907604918527573558_n Gauley Mountain, Bear Pen, Upper Tea Creek, Tea Creek Connector - On Thursday Greg Moore and I (aka Melissa Dobbins) did a significant amount of trail work on Bear Pen and Upper Tea Creek trails in the Tea Creek District of the Monongahela National Forest. We parked at the Gauley Mountain parking area and hiked to the Bear Pen trailhead, clearing sticks off the trail along […]
11133987_1073796662635854_1286417067094367799_o Mine Road Clean Up - Thank you to everyone that came out last night to help clean a little trash on Mine rd. Good times were had by all on the trails and around the fire. 2 bags of trash were picked up earlier in the week, and 5 or 6 more last evening. Mine Road is pretty clean from […]
11146405_10206522316245738_9013713074118666079_o Trail Clean Up April, 5th 2015 - Short ride on Tea Creek – Tea Creek Connector – Gaulley Mountain Trail condition were good with only a few small patches of snow left. All of the small branches and debris are now clear. There are a couple larger trees on Tea Creek Connector and Gualey Mountain that will require some chain saw work. […]
11130218_10152720608387344_5210516800919107438_n Enchanted Forest Trail Work April 5th, 2015 - Philip Yates spent some time on the Enchanted Forest network of trails at Snowshoe Mountain cutting deadfall from the winter. Enchanted Forest, Bobcat, Bears Den, Point of No Return and Aheadset Adjustment are now clear.
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